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Water Hyacinth Handmade Journal ( Set of 2 )

Water Hyacinth Handmade Journal ( Set of 2 )

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Product Description:
-Water Hyacinth hardbound cover 
-Handpainted with India's iconic rickshaw and boat
- Standard paper 
- 8 by 5 inches
- 150 sheets(300 pages)

The water hyacinth journal is a wonderful gift to give a friend / colleague or even yourself. This is perfect for someone who values the craftsmanship involved in making products by hand. 

Water hyacinth is an invasive aquatic weed found in tropical wetlands. It is cellulose-rich, soft and easy to process, making it a great eco-friendly alternative to paper. Harvesting this weed also clears up the water bodies. Its stems are cooked on low flame and then blended with recycled paper to make pulp, which is then mixed with water and dried in moulds to produce sheets of water hyacinth paper.

Buy this and you not only get to cherish something exquisite, but you also get to empower rural artisans who earn their livelihoods through the production of this product. This is an ode to the kind of rich craftmanship and skill hidden in the deepest parts of rural India. The water hyacinth journals are hand-painted by artisans in rural Bengal under the guidance of the Sasha Association for Craft Producers.

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