Corporate Gifting Made Memorable

We make curated gifts for celebrations big and small! And after sending hundreds of thousands of gifts over the past 2 years, it's pretty safe to say that we have learned a thing or two about the art of gift-giving. 
Are you looking for gift ideas for appreciating your employees and customers ? Then you are in the right place. We at Ahavah Crafts will help you personalize company gifts for your event with products, packaging and branding that are uniquely composed to create a delightful experience customized specifically for you. Leave all the planning of your branded corporate hampers and gift baskets with us!
And we believe corporate gifts should be memorable and unique! Who said sustainable gifts need to be boring ?!

Why should organizations choose conscious gifting ?

Boost Employee Engagement

Statistics show that employees who are recognized and valued are 63% more likely to stay.

 Celebrate Diversity And Inclusion

Statistics show that 80% of employees prefer to work in organizations that celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion.


Inspire And Lead By Action

Reports show that more than 96% of the world’s top 250 companies have acknowledged their commitment to sustainability.

  We love what we do! We know that finding that perfect gift that people want to keep can be challenging, so that's why we are here to make the whole gift giving process seamless and thoughtful at the same time!