Our Story

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We founded Ahavah Crafts with the goal to reimagine and reengineer how handicrafts in India are perceived. Whether it is to improve your everyday living or to enrich your celebrations, we aim to bring to you beautiful little things that are timeless, conscious and thoughtful.

We started off in 2021 during the Covid pandemic with a small dream to become a market access platform for artisan collectives, Self Help Groups and small NGOs involved in skill training of marginalized communities to showcase their beautiful products and reach customers globally. Pratheek and Roshini, having worked in the social impact sector had seen how there were several NGOs and CSR projects involved in skill training of vulnerable communities in making paper products, embroidery, bamboo crafts, weaving etc., however there was a lack of awareness and know how to bring products to the national and global market.

Currently, Ahavah Crafts works with nearly 20 communities across states to bring to you products that have a story rooted deeply in the Indian culture and heritage. The materials used by the groups are largely sourced from within their communities or neighboring villages / towns thereby making them more sustainable as they provide livelihoods for the local producers and small businesses while incurring lower carbon emissions.

We prefer to work with products that artisans are already adept at crafting, but also  in several cases providing them with inputs and ideas on new designs and patterns to make them more appealing and contemporary for the urban market.

Our Objective

Our long-term goal is to be a one stop market access platform for rural artisans and vulnerable communities to sell their products to the global market by ensuring better price realization, consistent orders and financial access with improved design interventions, dialogue and support. We hope to serve customers who are deeply connected to our mission and appreciates the beauty and value of handmade.

Our Inspiration

Ensuring secure and dignified livelihoods for rural artisans and vulnerable communities while making handicrafts relevant and functional for the fast-changing consumer market of today.