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Premium Banana Fibre Gift Box

Premium Banana Fibre Gift Box

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Ribbon Colours

Eco-friendly, lightweight and durable, this gift box is made using Banana Fibre, one of the world's strongest natural fibre. These stylish ecofriendly boxes add a premium look to your gift giving. They hold upto 5 items ( Dimension: 9 by 5 inches ) 

The premium gift packaging includes the following services:

1) Banana Fibre Circular Box

2) Styling with ribbons

3) Plush crinkle paper fillings

4) Decorative accessories

All put together to ensure a wonderful ecofriendly unboxing experience. 

NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted by individuals with special needs. This serves as their source of livelihood. Slight variations may occur in colour and size.

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